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Nomad UK clothing, light, long-lasting and high performance proves itself to be not only GREAT VALUE for MONEY but also superb investment in tough Recession times with deceivingly strong gossamer weight ‘EXPLORER’ Chest wader Jackets lasting over 14 years and ‘STEALTH’ fleeces seeing thousands of days on the ‘hill’...practical, dependable and costing pennies per day, they stand alone.

Lightweight, windproof, waterproof, breathable, these functionally designed garments are durable, long-lasting and totally dependable making them great value for money and luxuriously comfortable.

Nomad UK uses a number of different outer fabrics in manufacturing windproof, waterproof, breathable garments but all use either a solid hydrophilic Ventflex coating or laminate rather than physical micro porous systems as, in our opinion, the solid hydrophilic systems perform better and years of dependability proves it.

You can browse & purchase our collection of products and services on this site and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

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. NomadUK Retailer Anthony Longworth of BasicBushcraft set off Thursday 27th June from Trafalgar Square on a unique and unaided solo 7,000 mile Around Great Britain Charity Trek in aid of Terminally ill Children  "DREAMS COME TRUE"
Anthony is attempting not only to complete this but also to establish in a record, time ..AND  within this record clomb Ben Nevis, Scarfel and Snowdon .... THEN ... beat the all comers tie record for crossing south of England starting at Land's End .... Not only is this quite an amazing feat in ots right, but he is doing this unaided and sleeping rough !!
Please check the link for full details, regular blog , video diary ....   and ...... SPONSOR .... its for a GREAT CAUSE .... by a real adventurous hero.


. See NOMADUK’s latest products and also BARGAINS at SCOTTISH GAME FAIR ( F6) Fisherman’s Row and CLA (EO435) -  Confluence of Row G and E on Gunmakers Row up from Entrance “C”.

. SCONE & CLA Special Bargains  include longlasting GAMESHOOTING COATS and OVERTROUSERS with £140:00 Off R.R.P.  also, SEE NEW “GRAMPIAN” range in FULL – Gameshooting, Stalking etc  PLUS   The fantastic “ALLROUNDER” and “BUSHRANGER”  - the finest in Specialised clothing.

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